Products and Solutions for Inland and Offshore Marine Vessels

Standard Calibrations, Inc.

Barataria Marine Services is the authorized technical representative for the US Gulf Coast.

 Standard Calibrations, Inc. (SCI) is a certified small business with the state of Virginia. 

SCI has a vast product line for sensors related to level, flow, pressure or temperature.  SCI has the ability to be your one stop, one source for any automation related sensors your marine vessel may need.  SCI's familiarity with numerous OEM's in both the commercial and military markets allows them to be an expert in their field regardless of the name brand of the manufacturer. 

SCI has extensive support services include, but are not limited to, the supply and installation of the following:

​Pressure Sensors - Gauges and Transducers

Temperature Sensors - Thermometers, RTDs, and Thermocouples

Transmitters - Pressure and Temperature

Flow Meters - Coriolis, Vortex, Electromagnetic, Ultrasonic

Tank Level Indicators (TLIs) - Magnetic Float, Radar/TDR, DP Transducers, Bubbler, and Capacitance

Analytical Selection and Configuration - Salinity, Conductivity, pH/ORP, Dissolved Oxygen, etc.

 SCI has been providing Calibration, Repair and Overhaul services since 1989.  Their ability to meet the demanding schedules required by the US Military, as well as leaders in the Commercial industry, has resulted in SCI being the "GO TO" provider for all emergent and "Critical Scheduling" maintenance requirements.

Their ISO 17025 certification across a wide measurement scope, enables them to provide a "One Stop Shop" for all your calibration and instrumentation repair services.  SCI maintains state of the art laboratories equipped with the latest software systems.  They provide access to a web-based asset management database, enabling customers to control all aspects of equipment scheduling/recall, calibration certificates, excel export of equipment lists, real-time update of equipment status, location, etc.  Calibration datasheets with as-found/as-left, out of tolerance and full uncertainty data are also available in PDF format for easy download. Larger Jobs can be exported and burned to DVD.

SCI fully understands the critical nature of the systems they repair.  As such, they continually strive to not only provide superior results but also to ensure our customers have the tools and knowledge necessary to maintain their systems at optimum condition.